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Dr. Eric Meiner & Dr. Heather Cooke
we make every effort to provide you with the finest care and directly bill insurance as a courtesy to our patients.  We ask that you provide us your insurance information at the beginning of your first visit so that we can facilitate a smooth check-out after your appointment.

At Hilltop Dental we follow the fee structure set out by the current BC Dental Association Fee Guide.  Your dentist’s responsibility is to provide you with treatment recommendations for your oral health based on your dental needs, and your plan may or may not cover these recommendations.  It is the responsibility of the patient to understand the ins and outs of their individual dental benefit plan and what is covered and what is not.  Our office is happy to assist in sending pre-determinations for treatment where appropriate to determine coverage prior to the treatment date.  Any treatment not covered by your dental benefits is payable upon completion of treatment.

A useful link explaining you and your dentist’s responsibilities when it comes to dental insurance can be found here:  Your Dental Health & Dental Plan Coverage (brought to you by the BCDA)

Co-payments & Deductibles

Deductibles are an amount payable to an insurance provider every year when the policy renews.  If you are visiting the dental office soon after your policy renewal date, our dental office will collect the deductible on behalf of your insurance provider.  Please note that our office does not keep these funds, we forward the payments to the insurance providers.

Any portion of treatment not covered by your insurance is called a co-payment and this is due at the time that treatment is completed.  For example, if your dental benefits cover 80% of the treatment provided, the 20% remaining is payable by the patient and is called the co-payment.  If your dental office is directly billing your insurance on your behalf, your dentist is legally and ethically obligated to collect the co-payment from you.  Any disputes over coverage are the responsibility of the patient to address with their insurance provider.

Details with respect to the co-payment and dental benefits can be found here:  The Dental Plan Co Payment

Please call if you have any questions or concerns regarding your initial visit.

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